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Macintosh + Hack = Hackintosh. Macintosh users now have a sticker that works perfectly with the iBooks, G3s, towers, desktops and tiBooks. The word 'Hackintosh' comes from the mix of the word Hack + Macintosh, the word describes the act of hacking on or from a Macintosh computer. These stickers look very sexy on the iBooks and attract attention from fellow macintosh hackers.

Freak's Macintosh Archives is just one Hackintosh website on the net, this is one of the largest and longest standing Macintosh hacking sites online. Seeking the Macintosh security and vulnerability testing/auditing and other odd underground files then Freakys is the place for your, every hackintosh user on the net should take a look at the site and grab one of these fine stickers

Beyond the normal Security or underground definition of 'hackintosh' a Mac Hacker can be anyone from a programmer to one who tinkers with their macs