Widget Lock Pick Set by Sparrow with Case


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Sparrow crafted this set of picks to bypass a variation of different locks. This set includes a mini hard case to hold the picks, and room to grow!

Sparrow Widget Lock Pick Bypass Set Includes:
- Long Thin Bypass Driver - Unlock open keyway push button looks
- Several level picks - Defeating older Scalage F series lock that have an open hole on the side bypassing internals of the lock.
- Wafer Breaker - Punch security wagers in Smart Key locks (and others) to allow the driver pick access to the internals of the lock. Also works on padlocks!
Weslock Shim - Very thin shim for opening older weslocks that have offset push button lock. You can identify these by the traditional rose handle design.
Mini Hard Case - This awesome hard case holds the tools with room to grow and has the sparrow logo on a black pvc patch stitched onto it for awesome design!