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Sparrow’s core shims are strategically designed to attack locks that do not have the protective collar between the core and the body of the lock commonly seen on low end and mid security locks.

Sparrow Lock Pick tools core shims work by wedging the shim over the core and sliding it back until it can’t go any further. Once inserted, use your pick to slowly raise up the first pin until the shim finds and slides through the gap between the top and bottom pin. The shim will now hit the second pin, repeat until you reach the final pin and the shim has covered the sheer line. Once it reaches the back you should be able to use your tension and simply turn to open the lock .

Sparrow has put together a few tips on using the core shims.
- No need for a tension wrench until the core is fully in to turn the lock.
- If the shim can slide between the core and lock frame chances are this method will work.
- If you can touch the first pin with a straight shim this bypass should work.

One pack of core shims by sparrow contains 25 shims!