Stay Secure Disconnect Ladies T-Shirt


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Size & Color

Small Ladies Black
Small Ladies Red
Small Ladies Royal Blue
Medium Ladies Black
Medium Ladies Blue
Medium Ladies Red
Large Ladies Black
Large Ladies Red
Large Ladies Blue
X-Large Ladies Black
X-Large Ladies Royal Blue
X-Large Ladies Red
2XL Ladies Black
2XL Ladies Red
2XL Ladies Royal Blue
3XL Ladies Black
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Stay Secure - Disconnect. Seems the only way to stay secure nowadays is to dig a hole and throw your computer in it. Not only is it a great practice, but you get some outdoor time as well. This t-shirt is printed on a super soft fabric for your comfort and is available in mens, womans, and youth sizes in various colors. Be sure to stay secure and disconnect. This shirt makes a great gift for your administrators, hackers, technies and outdoor folks alike. Life is awesome, stay secure and disconnect!