Mantis Tubular Lock Pick for Manual Picking by Sparrow


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The Mantis is a tool to assist with picking tubular locks. What many people do not know is that picking tubular locks is very similar to picking pin tumbler locks. You apply the tension and move the pins to the sheer line. However with tubular locks applying the tension is the hard part. This is when the MANTIS comes in, the mantis by sparrow is a tension wrench designed to apply tension on the center plug of the tubular lock. When you apply the right amount of tension you can work work the pins by pushing them down in a clockwise pattern.  The mantis takes some practice to get down but is small and a great tool to have mastered!

Sparrows recommends using a short hook or paperclip to work with the pins while using the MANTIS as a tension wrench for the tubular locks.

Mantis by Sparrow is a Tubular Tension wrench used in picking tubular locks.