American Padlock Bypass Driver for Lock Pickers


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Padlock drivers are bypass tools used by lock pickers and locksmiths alike to bypass internal merchanisms of the locks to pop them open without having to learn to pick the locks. The Sparrows Padlock bypass driver is designed to get around the common 700 and 1100 series American padlocks. Due to the popularity of the American 700 and 1100 padlocks, they are copied and used by other padlock and lock manufactures.

This is a must have for the toolkit, and although recent updates to the 700 and 1100 padlocks add a protective disk that is used to prevent this driver from working there are many older models of these american series locks that still work with it! Many of the american locks which have been serviced or rekeyed are suseptable to the bypass drivers as well. Simply slide the driver through the keyway and turn to open the shackle just as a key works.

Tech Specs: This is Sparrows 2nd edition Bypass Driver which has been optmized to work better in the 10 series of the American padlocks. With a slight shortening of the paddle and a hair thickness added this driver fits snugly in the keyword and is heavy duty.

Use Tips: When using the Sparrow pypass driver, the paddle (aka the golf head) needs to be away from the top pins of the american padlock.