Abus Padlock Bypass Driver for Locksmiths


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Needing a solution to pop open the Abus Padlocks? This bypass tool is the perfect lock pickers tool for the very popular and common Abus 72/40 Padlocks which the internal components are also copied and duplicated by other lock manufacturers. Bypass drivers work because the locks do not have an effect wafer to prevent the tools from engaging the workings of a lock. Simple slide the driver through the keyway and turn like a key. This pops open the shackles. This Sparrow Abus Bypass driver is a slightly modified version of the Euro driver.

Tip for use: Insert the Abus Bypass Driver into the keyway golf head up into the lock under all the pins all the way to the back of the lock. Once in the back of the lock the driver head needs to be worked into the position, press back gently and wiggle only a few degrees to pop open the lock.