Ultra Decoder by Sparrow


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Sparrow Lock Picks ULTRA decoder is a tool designed to decipher the combination of a multi wheel lock. When you place the Ultra lock pick tool on the axle that runs through the wheels inside the lock the tool helps you feel for changes of the axle. Flat spots and grooves can be felt as the wheel spins. When you feel a flat spot aka grooves you are revealing the lock combination.  You want to line up all the flat spots or grooves to the same position, once done the combo is set — the final step here is to move the combo into the correct position — simply roll each wheel down one position and test the lock switch to open, repeat to each until it does.

Ultra decoder by sparrow is made of thin high test steel with a solid steel handle covered in thermo plastic coating.

Bonus:  Example of using the Ultra Decoder also on a Master 175
    - Place Ultra Decoder to the left of the this wheel
    - Slide the Ultra in half way close to the top
    - Depress the hasp of lock
    - Pinch the steel of the Ultra decoder with thumb and index finger as close to lock as possible
    - Push down the Ultra decoder and you will feel and hear the internal springs depress as lock opens.