Key Llama USB Keystroke Recorder


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KeyLlama USB Keystroke Recorder (4 Mb)
KeyLlama USB Keystroke Recorder (8 Mb Premier)
KeyLlama USB Keystroke Recorder Forensic (8 Mb)
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The KeyLlama is a hardware keystroke recorder that will log each and every keystroke typed on the connected keyboard. The 4MG KeyLlama records everything typed and is stealthy, it has 4 MB (or 8mg w/ timestamping on the professional forensics model) of memory to hold 2000 pages of pure text and works with wireless USB keyboards as well.


 No software required to install, just plug in and it's recording. 

 Invisible to detection software making the KeyLlama a great low profile keystroke device.

 64-bit Encryption to help keep data secure

 Compatible with all USB keyboards

 Runs with your operating system - Windows, Linux, Mac. 


You configure the device on your own computer by entering the password in a text editor to retrieve a menu for configuration. Then simply plug it into the computer you would like to record the data on. 


Students love this device to make a backup of their work incase of computer crash.