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7 & 8-Pin Tubular Pick Set
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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles always said 'Tubular' now you can too by owning one of these Tubular Lock Picks. Perfect for regaining access to your bike once you have lost your key or any other device using the tubular key. The tube lock pick set allows you to quickly and easily unlock the tubular locks, many users even find out that using this lock pick set allows them to pick the tubular lock as quick as 3 seconds. Why pay more for a tubular lock when the security can be bypassed in seconds. Sure most any lock can be picked but the tubular lock picks can be picked very fast.

Unlock your tubular locks with this tubular lock pick set. Understanding these locks are easy and should only take a few minutes to figure out. Adjust the tension, insert in lock, quick nudge/turn, nudge turn .Unlock. Play with the tension a little more making it tighter or looser depending on the lock. Learn more about lock picking and locksmithing at the worlds largest lock picking forum and locksmith forum. 

Size 7 Pin