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Freak's Macintosh Archives (also known as FMA) CD-ROM was produced in 2001 as a media format archiving all the known hacks collected and added to Freaky's website. Back in the day bandwidth was a little bit pricier and the CD helped fund the cost of the servers, upkeep and maintenance.

This CD came out right before Mac OS X hit beta so all the files contained within are for Apple's system prior to OS X. Think of it as a historical archive collection of all the hacks from back in the day. If you're still on classic, then this is perfect for you or when you start up your old mac, hear the chime and see the happy mac you can put this CD in and breath in the memories.

This CD was carried in stores such as MicroCenter but was removed shortly after complaints that it wasn't family friendly. The CD contains thousands of files and should be used in a test environment and at your own risk.