Handcuff Shims by Sparrow - 2 Shim Set


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Handcuff Shims - You may have heard of handcuff shims or shimming handcuffs. The Sparrow handcuff shims can open handcuffs by inserting the shim between the ratcheting mechanism of the lock and the swinging ratchet handcuff arm.

The design of these shims are great to be used with just a finger or two with the ridged head as a grip.

This set contains two handcuff shims and works on many handcuffs including the popular Smith & Wesson, Safariland and peerless to name a few. Need a way into many handcuffs, these handcuff shims are a perfect bypass tool for hand cuffs you can’t pick or need a way out of. Lost your handcuff key or need to open handcuffs without a key, try these Sparrow Handcuff shims!