Gridlock Auto Lock Practice Set


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Sparrow Lock Picks Automotive Lock Pick Practice Set known as Gridlock is a great tool for those wanting to learn automobile locks. No more coat hangers or calling the tow truck service with this kit.This gridlock lock pick practice set allows you to develop the skill of picking these kinds of locks while working through three automobile locks of increased difficulty. Building your skills starting off at the 3, advancing to the 6 wafer then challenging the 10 wafer will lead you through your journey. Wafer picking is a totally different skill compared to standard pin tumbler picking while a standard pin tumbler key is cut along the top to list the pins into place letting the lock open a wafer lock key is cut on the top and bottom then allows the wafers to move up and down into position for the lock to open.

Details on the Gridlock Practice Automotive Set: 3 Progressive Wafer Locks, Automotive Tension Wrench, Keys to accompany each of the locks. These locks are solid aluminum and perfect scale with a classic car lock.

These locks need rocker or jiggler lock picks!

Video on how to use: