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Social Engineer Shirt


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The social engineering shirt is for the social engineers who like social engineering, the black t-shirt has imprint on the front and back in white, the front of the t-shirt says Social Engineering 101 with the text underneath 'mimic:integrate:exploit'. On the back of this t-shirt is a cartoon showing a social enginnerer working his work, the picture depicts a man calling a secretary, as she gives out the needed information he writes it down on his pad of paper. To the left of the scene is the social engineer wearing two outfits representing two people or two faces, one is his work outfit where he pretends to be someone he's not and underneath that he wears his engineer t-shirt, his true form.

The shirt helps support the social engineering community of social engineers. If your interested in social engineering you should register and start posting on the site. This t-shirt is brand new and you can show your interest in social engineering by wearing the shirt. Some would say that while your social engineering while wearing the shirt you're given extra special social engineering powers. Make your next social engineering event a success with the social engineering 101 shirt