Lock Picking 101 v2 Shirt


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Lock Picking 101 has released the second t-shirt in the series, this one caters to the hardcore locksmiths and lock pick hobbyists of the world, the front crest pocket proudly shows the Lock Picking 101 logo. The back of the t-shirt was designed by geno, a member of the lock picker community with a crest containing two picks sourounded by keyholes of four types labeled with the domain at top and wrapped with the latin words 'exerced ~ patientia ~ paratis'

If your looking for our Ninja lock pick t-shirts they are still available here but these are the newest in the series and were developed by the community, get involved in lock picking, practice and show your skills. Many lock pickers were present at this years LPCON held at DEFCON in Las Vegas which LockPicking101.com was a sponsor of. Show your interest in lock picking and locksmithing, next time you think you will need to call a locksmith remember what you have learned and practiced, save a few dollars and open the lock yourself. You will be proud knowing that you can pick the lock and you know how it works inside and out. Support LockPicking101.com and grab the t-shirt, Submit your photos of you wearing the t-shirt while picking a lock. Go visit LP101 to watch homemade videos contributed by the community, read up and ask your questions.