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Shock-A-Lots are Chocolate covered Caffeinated Coffee Beans coated in a fancy yellow candy coating. So here are the caffeine facts that get your body going for these little yellow puppies!

Shock A Lots are Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. You can buy by the pack or by the box (perfect for the snacker, office environment, student, gamer, energy fiend or coffee lover!)
Each 1oz bag contains over 10 beans. Unlike Coffee the Caffeine is not lost due to brewing process.
Five to Six beans is equivalent to a cup of coffee 120mg Caffeine.
Your gums are absorbing caffeine once you pop one of these babies.

Chocolate covered coffee beans are great gifts for everyone and any time that you need that extra perk. The chocolate itself contains caffiene also so you're sure to get perked up! Coffee Beans are great snacks for perking you up. The candy coating makes these chocolate covered coffee beans perfect for even the little guys or girls who are loving energy!

Get your Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans also known as Shock-A-Lots here! Each 1oz bag contains around 15-20 beans (its all based on weight tho so the amount may vary) . Lets say six of these is a cup of coffee. So if 120mg of caffeine are in a cup of coffee and there are 15 cups worth of caffeine in these chocolate covered coffee beans then there is over 1800mg of caffeine in a few packages!