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Chocolate lover and Penguin Mint addict? We know, and so does Penguin Mints, that is why they created Chocolate Penguin Mints. These tasty little bits of chocolately mint are loaded with the caffeine Penguin Mints are most known for. Pop a few Chocolate Penguin Mints for that instant energy and relax with the taste of wonderful chocolate.

Info: 3 Chocolate Penguin Mints = 1 Coca-Cola (Caffeine)

With about 75 mints per tin rated at about 3 mints per caffeine serving of a Coke you will be jumping up and down off the wall. With these sugar free chocolate caffeine mints you will be loving every mint and the energy it offers. Late night coding, slamming the books or night shift, these chocolate penguin mints have you covered.

WARNING: Do not feed these candies to children, will cause increased energy and jumping off the walls.