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Bluetooth Toothbrush by Beam iPhone & Android App Toothbrush

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Bluetooth Toothbrush by Beam iPhone & Android App Toothbrush allows you to track your toothbrushing activity via bluetooth and the Beam app for your iPhone or Android device! Now you can track your lifestyle habits, create goals, and track the whole families brushing activities!

Brush - Sync - Smile

1. Get Beam Toothbrush & Free App

2. Brush your teeth! No need to have your smartphone with you. When you brush the light on the brush will glow. Use the timer on the app to give you motivation, increase brushing and listen to your favorite songs while brushing.

3. Sync Your Data - At your convenience sync your Bluetooth toothbrush with your app. The brush canstore up to 49 brushings!

4. Review your progress and check your stats!

5. Earn Real Rewards - Create goals to create healthier habits and earn great rewards!

The Visualization really helps you see at a glance what you're doing and where you can improve and you can sync multiple brushes to one device! 

Beam Bluetooth Brush Specs: Size: Lenth: 8inches, Diameter: 1.1 inches - Color: Blue - Power: 1 (AA) Alkaline Battery

Beam App Download Links: App Store - Beam Brush - Beam Technologies | Google Play Android App: Beam Brush