Travel Hacks: Bypassing the front desk checkin line for DEFCON

Travel Hacks: Bypassing the front desk checkin line for DEFCON

First timers or returning DEFCON attendees will love this hack. Picture 20,000 people trying to check into their hotel rooms at the same time. Even though everyone isn’t checking in all at the same time you can bet if you don’t get in early or a day into the con you will be spending part of the time waiting in line, not to get into the convention but to check into your hotel room. You could be spending time hanging out with your friends, exploring the hotel or meeting new people.  (Disclaimer: Not free hack, but worth it to many!)

You may have seen the lines dedicated to the high rollers (people who gamble a lot) or the VIPs of the hotel/casino. The lines are non existent for them, that agent is there just waiting to help people of higher status. Without spending countless hours at the casino tables you will be hard pressed to gain access to that line even with extreme social engineering skills.

Let me introduce FoundersCard, an elite online entrepreneur network with offers and deals tailored to those who travel, do business, and those with a taste for good lifestyle. This hack isn’t to get you past the line for free but for those who value their time and can actually use the other offers in the network it’s just an added perk. To join you have to have a referral from someone already in the network. Normally around 500.00/yr fee they run promotions getting people in for around 300-400.

Here’s my link to join:

One of the member perks offered is Caesars Total Reward - Complimentary Diamond Total Rewards® Status. This is the benefit that will get you into the diamond lounge with a dedicated checkin team. Last year at the Rio the checkin line wrapped around for hours, just off to the left was a fancy door labeled diamond lounge, stepping through the doors transported you away from the crazy casino noises to a nice relaxing lounge. Within minutes we were checked into the room and on our way.  The ballys/paris where defcon is this year is also a Caesars casino so this benefit works there.

Other Diamond Total Rewards Perks:
-Access to Diamond Lounges.*
-Access to Priority lines at hotel check-in, restaurants, casino cages and the Total Rewards Center.
-Use of VIP Reservations Hotline.
-Diamond Aspirations eligibility.
-Receive 20% discounts at casino gift shops.**

You could always try the hundred dollar handshake with someone to bypass the line :)