Hacker Magazines

Hacker magazines can’t be tough to find, so HackerStickers has done all the work for you and compiled a list of the most popular and informative hacker themed magazines, ezines, and news sites.

Hacker News Monthly

The Hacker News (THN) is a downloadable monthly magazine that focuses on primarily on cyber security.

Make Magazine

Make Magazine is a bi-monthly print magazine appealing primarily to the DIY and crafts audience. However, they often regularly include electronic hacks and cool tech projects.

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

2600 is a quarterly print magazine is a much more political magazine then most of the other magazines on list. They regularly discuss issues of privacy, the media, and free speech, while still relating and speaking directly to their hacker audience.

SC Magazine

SC Magazine is e-zine/news site geared towards IT security professional. It keeps all interested up to date on the latest security breaches, IT software, and related news.

PenTest Magazine

PenTest Magazine is a weekly downloadable IT security magazine. Much like SC Magazine, PenTest audience is mostly IT professionals, but PenTest content centers around penetration testing. Every issue features IT experts sharing their knowledge about penetration testing, in addition to IT security news.


Hakin9 is weekly downloadable magazine covering everything hacker related from IT security to breaking into computer systems. They have tons of tutorials for the beginning hacker or for the hacker looking to learn new techniques.

The Ethical Hacker Network

The Ethical Hacker Network is a free online magazine for IT particularly for those seeking to advance in the field of IT. This site features access to certification programs and educational events.

Hacker Journal

Hacker Journal is a free ezine/news site featuring IT security related content.

Hacker Monthly

Hacker Monthly is a monthly print magazine featuring many well written and entertaining articles on a broad array of topic. The primary audience are programmers, and start-up founders.