12 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Tech Lover

With so many tech innovations it can be tough to pick out that perfect gift for the tech lovers on your gift list. HackerStickers has made it a little easier but highlighting some of the must­have gifts this holiday season. We’ve scoured the internet for the most popular and innovative tech products, assuring no matter what gift idea you choose you’re going to be praised for gift­giving prowess.

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AR Drone Parrot Quadcopter: Now you can scare the crap out your neighbors with your own personal remote controlled drone. Laser guided Hellfire missiles not included. 

3D Systems Sense: The possibilities are endless with this 3D scanner, through cubify.com or with your personal 3D printer you can 3D print a replication of anything or anybody. 

Apple Mac Pro: Faster, quieter, smaller, and more powerful than anything on the market.

Key Llama Usb Keystroke Recorder: Back up" those keystrokes, this bad boy intercepts and logs all keystrokes

Hacker Mug: The perfect gift for your favorite hacker. 

Hard Drive Clock: Spruce up the office with this stunning clock made from a recycled hard drive.

Microsoft Xbox One: The next­gen juggernaut is a revolutionary gaming console that’s also double as a home entertainment system.

Oculus Rift: The latest and most innovative game console you’ve probably never heard about. The Rift revolutionizes and reinvigorates the virtual reality video game genre pushing the limits of player interaction. 

Sony Playstation Four: The fourth edition of the Playstation delivers unbelievably real graphics and features a new and improved Dual­Shock controller newly equipped with a touch screen that affords even more succinct gameplay options. 

Uncuff Links: The perfect gift for that cousin who can’t stay out jail. 

Fitbit Force: The latest fitness band from Fitbit tracks your daily activity, calories burned, and sleep activity. The Force helps you set fitness goals and achieve them.

Sensoria Fitness Socks: The Sensoria Fitness track everything your average fitness band does except the tracks weight distribution and helps correct injury producing running patterns.